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Frequently asked questions

What is your local area?

My home territory includes the Portland and Seattle
metropolitan areas and everything in between. I do not
charge for travel in my home territory.

How do you handle nationwide photography?

It is easy and economical to have me photograph events
well beyond my home territory. Since weddings are usually
booked far in advance, budget flights are readily available.
Likewise reasonably priced lodgings and rental cars are easy
to obtain. I have traveled extensively for my commercial
clients and am pleased to do so for my personal clients, too.

Isn’t it important to meet the photographer in person
before the wedding?

Not at all. I have photographed many weddings in which I
did not meet the couple until the day I began photography.
(See Alberta or San Jose weddings) I have lengthy discussions
with the couple prior to the wedding via phone and email.
A few weeks before wedding day, we have a thorough phone
conference in which we go over the schedule hour by hour.
When I arrive I’m already familiar with the couple and know
exactly where to start.

What’s the point of monochrome photography?

Monochrome photography (which includes the sepia that
I love) eliminates distractions due to clashing colors. (And
there are lots of these at weddings.) Monochrome allows me
to highlight emotion and relationship. The most memorable
pictures in the history of photography have been done without
color. I seek to follow in the great tradition of LIFE magazine.

What about color?

I use color for details where color matters, such as cakes,
flowers, gowns, and scenery. Color can also work well with
people when the situation can be controlled. That is why I
often use it for portraits and always for formal groups. But
when it comes to capturing real moments, my preference is
for monochrome.

Why do you use sepia?

Sepia (another word for reddish brown) is just an optional
style of black and white photography. I use sepia because I
love its warmth and because sepia pictures blend well
with color pictures.