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What is meant by “the photojournalistic approach?”

It means the photographer catches real moments with such
a light touch most people aren’t particularly aware of
his presence. Yet it also means he’s actually getting all
the good shots.

Sadly in wedding photography circles the term has become
a buzz word. Careless, haphazard, puzzling pictures are
often promoted as photojournalistic. But that’s just bad
photography. A good picture always makes a point, reveals
an emotion, or portrays a decisive moment.

Why do you spend so much time on your
assignments? Couldn’t you just come to the
ceremony and reception?

Wonderful moments don’t always happen on cue. They
happen whenever they feel like it. The only way to be sure
of catching them is to be there and be seeking them. If I
spent only a few hours with my clients, I wouldn’t know
them as well as I do. I wouldn’t be able to capture rare
moments on the fringes of the event. If you want the
picture, you have to spend the time. That’s why I spend
at least two days.

Here’s one bride’s response to my style:

“What we appreciated most was his enthusiasm for
his work...László took the time to do his homework so
he wouldn’t miss a brother or grandmother—no other
photographer we talked to was that interested in
our wedding!”

Can you take romantic photos?

Yes I can. Staged pictures are sheer theatre. They can
reveal deep truths. They are a wonderful counterpoint
to the photojournalistic approach.

Why do you choose the pictures and put the whole
album together yourself? Couldn’t you just give us all
the pictures and let us arrange our own album?

The many hundreds of photographs I create are only
raw material. Transforming them into an album that tells a
story takes a lifetime of experience and hours of careful
editing and arranging. Putting the album together is as
important to me as taking the pictures.

(By the way, the special adhesive I use allows for easy
replacement of a picture if the couple desires.)