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What happens to the pictures that don’t make it into
the album?

I edit carefully. First I throw away mistakes. Then I carefully
comb through the entire take and select all truly good
pictures. All of these are made into prints. It is from these
that I choose the images for the album. The several
hundred which remain, I give to the couple in a
special archival box.

What if I want extra pictures?

Extra prints may be ordered from any of the images.
I create a list of the reorder numbers of all
mounted album photos. Loose photos have the
number on the back.

Who keeps the files?

I keep the original RAW files of all images taken for my
clients. Only by converting the RAW images to PhotoShop
compatible formats myself and then overseeing the making
of enlargements can I assure my clients that their prints
truly represent the images I had in mind when I clicked the

Where can I see your work?

If you live in my Portland/Seattle home territory, I can
usually arrange a personal meeting. Otherwise, I will ship
an album to you.