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“Hi, I’m Holly Schein. I’m the bride who didn’t hire
László and this is my story.

”László did a super job with my mom Jane’s (second)
wedding and my sister Libby’s wedding. His pictures
were great and he made it look so easy. No yelling,
No bossing people around. Half the time I didn’t
even know he was there. Then it was my turn to get
married. I guess I was young and naïve, but I took
for granted photographers were all about the

same and could take pictures as good as László’s. Besides my
wedding was scheduled for the Napa Valley wine country.
Somehow it seemed too complicated to fly in a photographer
from hundreds of miles away. Finally, I just wanted to put my
own mark on my wedding and make original choices about
who to hire.

”My wedding planner, a real high-pressure celebrity
organizer from San Francisco, talked and talked about how
fantastic her recommended photographer would be. And I
believed her. When I spoke with him, he was personable.
It seemed so easy. I truly thought I’d get pictures just like
mom and Libby had. I soon learned otherwise.

“It’s not that the pictures I got were bad. They were sharp and
not too light or too dark. He certainly snapped hundreds. But
they were so ordinary, so average. They all seemed to be taken
from some boring middle distance. There were no close-ups of
faces; no off-guard moments of connection between guests.
From looking at the pictures you’d never guess what a
wonderful time we’d had or how special the location was.