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“I was so disappointed when I saw them. Funny
thing—even with travel costs, László’s fee would
have been less than what I paid that Napa Valley star.

“If I had the decision to make again (and I wish I
could!), I wouldn’t think of hiring anyone but László.
He doesn’t need any hand-holding when it comes to
travel. I mean he’s a world traveller on his
commercial assignments. And don’t be fooled like I
was by how easy he makes it look. Anyone can own
an expensive camera and point it around. You have
to know where to point and when to click. As I’ve
found out, not every photographer can do that.
And be careful about being pressured into choosing
a photographer based on reputation as an expert.
These days it seems every photographer is an
expert. Make sure the reputation is truly deserved.
László’s is. I wish I had hired him.”