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photography with true emotion

My mom squealed (for the second time in my life) when
she saw some of the photos.

—Rachael Berry, Bride, Portland OR

A response I received from someone who enjoyed our book
sums it up for me: She didn’t say a word in the 45 minutes
she took to view our book. At viewing the last page, she
slowly closed the cover, took a breath, raised her head to
me, and said, “That was an experience.”

—Emily Maher, editor of the Washington Athletic Club
magazine, Seattle WA

As you know, my husband is and works with videographers
and photographers, and several of these professional
colleagues were simply stunned by the beautiful personal
album you arranged for Tom and me.

You tactfully and unobtrusively acquaint yourself with the
important subjects. You are flexible, subtle, and can
disappear within any group while capturing the most
memorable pictures possible. What’s more, you’re
extremely pleasant company.

—Elizabeth Clark Agosti, Bride, Portland, Oregon
(Link to her picture)

More than one friend has said our album looked like a
“Time/Life picture story of an American Wedding.”
László’s style is simply classic. He caught far more than
the traditional pictures.

—Susan Brendel, Bride, Yakima WA

Oh my gosh I don’t know where to begin. The album is just
wonderful. I think I’ve looked at it twenty times. When I
first looked at it I started to cry because it’s just gorgeous.
At least fifteen people have looked at it and have just been
in awe. Your work is just unbelievable and we are thrilled
with it.

— Temme Milhem, Bride, Carmel CA

Your pictures are amazing—beyond amazing—they tell a story
and have so much emotion, expression and movement in them.
Every detail of everything you do is just so intricate and well
thought out but yet you find them in milliseconds.Your pictures
are EXACTLY what I have always wanted. I don't know the
technicalities behind the lighting, colors and strategy, I just
know that I love your pictures and have no idea how you do it!

You were the first confirmed decision in my long list of decisions.

—Nikki Lanzaron, Bride & Wedding Planner at a
five diamond hotel, Atlanta