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It’s rare that I take the time to commit to writing accolades
to a photographer I’ve retained for any project. In my
capacity as CEO of Zipatoni Advertising, I have overseen a
photography budget exceeding $15,000,000 for many years.
I’ve worked with all the greats as well as the up and coming.

I looked at over twenty portfolios of wedding shooters all
over the country and interviewed seven over the phone.
Yours was the only call that didn’t make me pour a couple
of fingers of Scotch out of frustration and the only call to
give me proud relief in hiring you on the spot.

If I had another daughter I would look forward to again
working with you. Not only did your work exceed my
expectations but it also made me a hero to my wife
and daughter.

—Jack Thorwegen, CEO Zipatoni Advertising, St. Louis

No photographer I have worked with in 25 years as an editor
can stand with Laszlo when it comes to getting moments of
stunning emotional personal pop.

What he can catch in a face is what the good sweet Lord put
into that face: personality, character, verve, identity, spirit,
who you are. László has done this for me again and again
and again.

I don't know what he will cost you and I don't care and you
shouldn't care overmuch either. If you want those
extraordinary moments to be caught, and I know you do,
you hafta get László.

Call me if you want to hear this in person. 503-943-7202

— Brian Doyle, Editor, Portland Magazine,
University of Portland