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I wish I could think of a better description for what we
received from you. Calling it simply a “family album” seems
so vapid. A hundred years ago a family might have
commissioned a portrait by Monet or Sergeant or Renoir.
Your work is the modern equivalent. Perhaps we’ll call our
family album “our László.”

— Bruce Miller, Importer, Mt. Bethel, PA

I'll admit in my own case, while I never doubted that Kerry
and I had chosen our photographer well, I wasn't a true
believer until I saw the results. I rarely come out well in
photographs, but my wedding photos are uniformly fantastic.
I knew a great portrait photographer could work wonders,
but I had never seen firsthand how a great candid
photographer could do the same. Now I have.

— Giovanni Guillemette, Product Mgr. Microsoft,
Seattle ( picture link)

Being a professional photographer myself and the founder
of Panoramic Images stock photography, I know what good
photography is. I also know how often photographers try
and how rarely they succeed at taking pictures that do
what yours do. Ginger and I treasure our album.

— Mark Segal, Photographer, Chicago

Our guests commented that they had actually enjoyed
being photographed! Somehow, you made even the most
“camera shy” feel at ease. There were so many wonderful
photos of our family and friends that looked as though
they were taken in a formal studio. Not only will they be
keepsakes for us but we’re looking forward to surprising
them with prints for Christmas!

—John Heily, CEO, Continental Mills, Seattle

You were truly interested in us as people, as individuals
and as a couple. We were thrilled that you took
impromptu portrait photos of many of our guests. My
best friend wrote to say, “To be honest, it really is the
most flattering picture of me that’s ever been taken or
probably ever will be.”

Your pictures are powerful and intimate. But most of all
they are REAL.

—Dominic Kramers, Theatre lighting specialist, Seattle

Laszlo is a marvel. He flew to Tallahassee on the day before
Thanksgiving, the busiest travel day of the year, without
complaint. Brian’s mother remarked upon seeing the album
that it was the first picture of herself she liked. The
funny part was she was actually telling Laszlo she
hated having her picture taken while he was taking it!

We’re astounded whenever we look at his album.

—Valerie Arsenault, Professor of Music, FSU