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As a PR professional, I was skeptical about using a
photographer for our wedding from outside the New York
area. Yet working with you both before the wedding and
throughout the weekend in the Canadian Rockies
immediately put me at ease. Your professionalism and
single-handed adeptness with equipment and lighting —
whether on a hike into the mountains with our friends and
family or capturing special portraits of our guests — was
evident throughout the entire experience.

The album you delivered went beyond our very high

—Eileen Michaels, New York, Pres.,
E. F. Michaels Public Relations (Link to her wedding)

I work with photographers from all parts of the country
almost every day in my professional life. I hire only the
most talented ones for the annual reports we design for some
of the nation’s largest corporations. In fact, that’s how I got
to know László in the first place. He’s one of the most
widely recognized annual report photographers around. But
he has another side: he also creates absolutely incredible
one-of-a-kind albums.When it came time to planning my
wedding, there was one detail I was absolutely certain
about—I wanted László to photograph it.

—Tiffany Larson, Graphic Designer, St. Louis & Chicago


Anticipating seeing our album was like anticipating the birth of a baby. We had such high expectations. And from the very
first photo we looked at we knew you’d given us just what we
were looking for. You captured the intangible that is us. You
got those little things that were lost to anyone else. Folks
who have looked at the album say, “This is so you.”

Our friends were so grateful for the extra photos we sent out.
Our pastor could not believe the picture that showed him
deep in thought with the Bible before the ceremony. He was

The album just keeps giving back and giving back. We could
have had different flowers. Carmen could have had a
different dress. We could have got married somewhere else.
None of that would have mattered. But we could not have
had a different photographer.

—Orly Waller, Home Builder, Seattle (Link to pictures)