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photography with true emotion

László Spends Two Full Days Taking Pictures

Just about nobody does this. Why do I? Simple. No matter
how good a photographer may be, great pictures pop up at odd
moments, sometimes far away from the actual ceremony. Who
knows what these moments might be? The possibilities are
limitless. If you want them, you have to be there.

Also, by spending two days, I get to show the couple in the
process of becoming themselves. They may be visiting favorite
places, hanging out with friends, or maybe playing a board
game at home. Whatever it is, it reveals them as people. And
that’s important. These moments of ordinary life turn out to
be not so ordinary with the passage of time. They balance the
tuxedo and gown moments.

Though two days are typical, I have spent as many as five taking
pictures of my couples, sometimes months before the wedding.
Days can run consecutively or be split up as the couple desires.
Having enough time to tell their story is very important to me.

Why It Matters

Most people don’t think about photographers, so when they
need one for a wedding, they’re not sure where to turn. Here’s
some simple advice: pay attention to a basic principle as you
make your decision. Flowers fade. Cakes get eaten. Invitations
are discarded. The wedding dress is stored. All that remains of
the special day are images. Make certain they’re truly up to
the task of saying and saving it for you.


Photography has always been a highly technical art. But at its
heart, it’s about good seeing. A great moment requires enough
technique to capture it; but if technique takes over, the picture
is no longer about the moment; it’s about the technique.

Great shots are not necessarily the ones that jump out at you
when you first see them. The great shots are the ones that make
you want to come back to them time and again. They are the
ones worth a second look.