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Great pictures make you ask questions about the people in
them. Why are they so happy or so sad? What are they doing?
Where are they? Gimmicky pictures make you ask questions
about the photographer. How did he do that? Why did he?

There is no crisp dividing line between technique and
gimmickry. Any technique can degenerate into a gimmick and
any gimmick can be a wonderful effect if handled right. Taste
makes the difference. As in any art, there is no accounting
for taste except as a mysterious combination of natural
gifts combined with broad experience.

There are many effects that have been and are used by
photographers to impress their clients. These include:

Infrared Film which creates black skies and white foliage
Fish Eye Lenses which capture very wide views in which
straight lines curve
Cross Processing which causes colors to shift in strange ways
Vignetting in which a picture emerges from a halo of mistiness
Tilted Pictures in which the horizon line tilts
Odd Poses such as having bridesmaids lift their skirts in a
cancan kick

These are not my choice. I prefer to stick to time proven
techniques of the masters. These center on choices of timing
and point of view coupled with keen awareness of light, the
heart of all good photography. Good light is what I find and
use in natural situations or create with my own sources
as needed.


Fees and Terms

I keep it simple. My fee includes all my time (no limit on
hours), as many pictures as I can take, the album
itself and all album enlargements. The album is full leather,
hand bound, and imported from Italy. I also include all the best
pictures that did not make it into the album (several hundred)
in an acid-free storage box.

Finally, I spend three days processing, arranging and mounting
the pictures myself. The couple get a finished album, not a
stack of proofs. Typically the album is ready within a month.

For those who prefer, I can also create a custom printed and
hardbound coffee-table book.

I will quote you a flat fee that covers everything listed above.

A deposit of one third will reserve your date. Another third is to
be paid at the time of the wedding and the final third upon
delivery of the album.