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A Bit about László

Long before I picked up a camera I immersed myself in the
work of masters like Eugene Smith, Dorothea Lange, and the
great Hungarian Ándré Kertész. And their way of seeing
influenced my own. That’s why, when I started making
photographs, I wanted them to be worth viewing more than
once. This attitude translated, before long, into commercial
assignments, and I found myself shooting suited executives,
green bean canneries, open pit gold mines, steel mills and
breweries, all over industrial America. Today, I work for
Anheuser-Busch, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Alcoa, ARCO and
others, and travel to distant points—Malaysia, Australia, Chile, India, Korea, China.(Here is a link to my commercial website.)

Why I Photograph Weddings

I like challenging commercial work. I also much enjoy
shooting weddings. Here’s why: I was visiting a cousin in Ohio,
recently married. I came across her photo album from the
ceremony and looked at it. Whoa! Lots of page embellishments,
but bad pictures – people standing shoulder to shoulder, bride
sitting awkwardly on wet grass, showy lighting tricks.


My cousin, her lively smile, her engaging husband, special
moments, the joy of friends, were missing. When I closed that
book, I knew I could do better. And had to.