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photography with true emotion

“Hello, I’m Andrea
Douglas. László
photographed my
wedding and I’d
like to tell you why.

“First I looked at about thirty photographers’ websites.
It was easy to cross people off the list. I saw one picture
that showed a couple with a heart shaped cloud
photoshopped into the sky. Yikes!

“László’s website doesn’t just sample some of his all time
best shots. He shows you lots of pictures from a few
weddings so you can tell how he really works. I liked that.

“I also liked his straightforward all-inclusive fee.

“He was unpretentious—didn’t try to wow us with talk
about equipment or assistants or shooting arrangements.
But wherever a good picture was possible, he was there.

“We liked his approach of shooting pictures for two full days
so he could show us before the wedding with our parents, our
friends, or just the two of us enjoying some of our favorite places.

“He made pictures I really want to keep. They have depth.
They say things I’ll remember. And when I come back to them
they always seem to show me something new. The album that
came out of this is a treasure.”

“I’m Tom Douglas. Andrea and her mom selected László
for our wedding and I’m so glad they did. He fit into the
celebration seamlessly, watched us do the things we do, and
then shot pictures that are so real, so much us, it amazes me.
I liked having him around. He has a nice calming touch. He
also did a good job explaining what went into some of our
best pictures. I learned a
lot about photography by
reading through these
stories. I hope you do, too.”